Just One Step

Just one Step, our latest full length documentary, is a journey of discovery into why we as a species run. It’s not as simple as you may think. Turns out it’s a whole lot more than just staying in shape. For better and worse…

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Our Latest Project

Our Latest Project

Our latest project finds us in the wilds of Maine, working on a film short about a unique initiative with the Maine Resources Council. The Maine Brewshed Alliance seeks to help protect the pristine watersheds of Maine in order to preserve their business- brewing beer. Premiering October 19th in Portland Maine.

For Beer's Sake

It's about the story.

From surfers braving the icy waters of the North Atlantic, to walking the old shopping district in San Salvador, from the ghosts of psychiatric hospitals, to the creatures in our back yards, from live performances to staged readings. We create both documentary and narrative projects about subjects that fire our imaginations, make us react, and often times act. Drop us a line to find out about our latest projects, tell us about something interesting, or just say hello.


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