Where Hope Lives

Where Hope Lives is an amazing short film that we completed during lockdown with the help of the films subject themselves. This film deals directly with the concerns of today’s youth, so why not have them tell their stories themselves? Youth along the great lakes in America and Africa talk about their concerns for freshwater, and how they can help each other, even half a world away. Where Hole Lives played at World Water Week, COP26 and The International Lakes Forum and is currently waiting on the film festival circuit.

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Our Latest Project

Our Latest Project

Our latest project finds us in Biddeford Maine at the historic City Theater. We were there to create a historical documentary about the theater, but presenting the information was a problem as it was incredibly dry. In order to keep it entertaining and engaging, we created a fictional couple who followed the theater through time, like ghosts, or the spirit of the theater. The result is a really fun trip thought a theatrical past to the present.

City Theater: A Love Story

It's about the story.

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